Top 5 Chic Styles For Fall 2021

 Charm & Wit Boutique | Top 5 Chic Styles For Fall

Does your wardrobe need an update? You’ll want to add these fall fashion favorites ASAP.

Stylish. Elegant. Chic. Smart and sophisticated women dress for themselves and do not worry about following the latest trends. The best place to express your elegance is with your wardrobe. This season we make it effortless for you to embody confidence and elevate your look with timeless styles.

Here are the top 5 chic styles to wear this fall:

1. Blazer

gingham checkered blazer woman's fashion chic elegant boutique clothing outfits fall winter spring summer workwear work attire

This versatile piece can be worn all year long. It's the perfect addition to layering your outfit. When you're running out the door throw on a blazer to compliment your look. My favorite go-to look is the Gingham Checkered Blazer worn over a white tee shirt tucked in high waist black pantsStyle Tip: Wear pointed shoes for a classy touch.

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2. Pencil Skirt

If you want to switch it up this garment will create a sophisticated look. Wear a solid high waist skirt or a printed mini skirt with a white long sleeve blouse. Style Tip: Show off your boots with skirts this season!

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Charm & Wit Boutique: Top 10 Chic Styles For Fall | Pencil Skirt Charm & Wit Boutique: Top 10 Chic Styles For Fall | Plaid Skirt Charm & Wit Boutique: Top 10 Chic Styles For Fall | Retro White Blouse


3. Camel Coat

This garment is a timeless style that everyone can wear. They are designed to be worn over layered clothing which is a fashion obsession for fall outfits. Wear the camel trench coat with the belted waist over any dress or a sweater dress for an elegant look. Style Tip: Add sunglasses, a structured bag and a red lip to elevate your outfit. 

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  Charm & Wit Boutique: Top 10 Chic Styles For Fall | Sweater Dress 

4. Collared Shirt

Top 10 Chic Styles For Fall | White Collared Shirt

A solid-colored turn down collared shirt is a classic addition to add layers to your outfit this Fall. Create a smart yet elegant look when you wear it with pants or a skirt. Style Tip: Layer a sweater vest over a collared shirt for business casual attire which also makes a great everyday outfit as well!

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 White Collar Shirt | Top 10 Chic Styles For Fall Sweater Vest | Top 10 Chic Styles For Fall High Waist Pants | Top 10 Chic Styles For Fall 

5. Turtleneck Sweater

Top 10 Chic Styles For Fall

Stylish, comfortable and classy, a turtleneck sweater is a must-have for every wardrobe. Wear it with your favorite pair of jeans or effortlessly dress it up with a high waist skirt and look chic for any occasion. Style Tip: For cooler days, throw a blazer over a turtleneck sweater and wear your hair pulled back for a sleek and elegant look.

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red turtleneck sweater | Charm & Wit Boutique velvet skirt | Charm & Wit Boutique Tweed Plaid Blazer | Charm & Wit Boutique



What are your favorite selections? Update your wardrobe this Fall and use code CHIC20 for 20% off your favorite looks in our curated collection.

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  • Lorena

    Love your style tips and the ability to shop the look so I don’t have to go out and find similar pieces on my own!

  • Jazmin Jaramillo

    Love all these style tips! I’m always looking to feel sophisticated and will take some of your tips for future events. Thank you!

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